Natural Wood Floor Restoration

Our Wood Floor Restoration Service

To treat your wooden floor in the manner it deserves, we undertake the process of restoration by first sanding off the old varnish using  N40 and N60 sandpaper. Proceeding this we fill in any gaps or cracks and continue sanding using N80 sandpaper and finish with N120. For your convenience and health, we only use professional dust free equipment.
Our service includes a final preparation to ensure your floor is thoroughly clean, free from any debris and dust. After all stages of preparation a new coating of varnish will be applied resulting in a durable and mirrored wooden floor. For you convenience, we also specialise in providing a superior French Polishing service to result in a flawless finish.

Enhance the beauty of your wooden floors with our natural wood floor restoration services

When you install wooden floors in your house, the look will wear out after a couple of years and it will have to undergo the process of restoration to get it back to its pristine condition. At DMT.D Professional Handyman Services, we make sure that we restore your wooden floors to their original beauty and glory.

We start with our sanding process that is necessary to produce the smooth glossy look of the finished floor. By using N40 and N60 sandpaper, we scratch off the old varnish so a smooth foundation can be laid for the floors. This process also removes any scratches or scuff marks from the floor surface. However, if a part of the floor is damaged and there is no bringing it back, we simply replace those floorboards and install new ones instead.

Sanding process:

When we start the sanding process, our high-quality sanding machine does most of the work for us. We make sure that we have properly sanded the edges and corners of the planks before refitting them. We use scrapers to scrape down the tight corners and our N60 sandpaper makes the floor even smoother than other sandpapers.

After scraping everything down, we fill all the holes or cracks in the floor with the N80 sandpaper and give it a finish with N120 sandpaper. We use materials that are dust-free so it won’t cause any problems for your health and you won’t have allergic reactions.

Polishing process:

After completing the sanding process we clean the floor to make sure that it is prepared for the next step. This is because before any coating process can begin; the floor surface must be smooth and levelled out. A coat of varnish is applied to increase the durability of the floor and to give it a glossy look and feel. If you want a high-end polish then you can ask us for French polish that will make your floors look even better.

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